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Me and My Shadow (SA, Australia)


1 May - 3 Jul 2019

Short Synopsis

Australia’s foremost image-theatre exponents, Geoff Cobham and Roz Hervey have teamed with Patch Artistic Director, Dave Brown, performer/theatre-makers, Astrid Pill and Nathan O’Keefe and composer Zoë Barry to make a beautiful show exploring the possibilities of physical-image, light, shadow, colour, paper, water, music and sound.

A gentle story depicting the fanciful escapades of a girl, who finds a way to be friends with her shadow, Me and My Shadow is a  beautiful work about childhood friendship featuring fantastical imagery, quirky physical performances  and an intriguing score.

Reviews Feature

Me and My Shadow offered such beauty to behold and magic to marvel at, the audience was nothing but engaged. Young audience members were transfixed. Their older counterparts were absorbed, sometimes chuckling, at other times brought to tears particularly when the girl banished her imagination from playing with her.

Me and My Shadow is superb theatre for young and old alike!

Ursula Beaumont - Lowdown Youth Arts Magazine

Composed By
Zoe Barry
Directed By
Dave Brown, Roz Hervey and Geoff Cobham
Designed By
Geoff Cobham and Dave Brown
Original Performer / Theatre Makers Astrid Pill and Nathan O'Keefe
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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