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1 Jan 1999 - 1 Jan 2022

Short Synopsis

MELANIE PARRY is also nationally and internationally known for her original muscial theatre show creation the ‘JUDY’, ‘The Judy Garland Story in Song’.

The show has won nationwide and international acclaim receiving standing ovations and rave reviews for her performances all the way to the Monte Carlo Casino Resort, Las Vegas, to the concert halls and theatre’s of Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

MELANIE PARRY starred as the onscreen VOICE of JUDY GARLAND, in the multi award winning Peter Allen TV Mini Series for Shine Endemol Productions in 2015. It was from her reputation with this show that drew producers to sit front row at one of her Sydney theatre performances which resulted in them deciding to cast her VOICE for this prestigious TV series.

In 2016, Melanie joined the cast of the immersive HIDDEN SYDNEY, The Glittering Mile musical for a special appearance playing Judy Garland's in a scene recreated at the Silver Spade.

In her live JUDY stage show, the extraordinary and beautiful voice of MELANIE PARRY brings to life the legend of Judy Garland in a full spellbinding concert dedicated to this magnificent star of Hollywood’s heyday.

You will love to hear as MELANIE PARRY masterfully recreates so many of Judy's famous numbers like “Zing Went the Strings”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Get Happy”, “The Trolley Song”, “San Francisco”, “Swannee”, “You Made Me Love You”, “The Man That Got Away”, “Chicago”, “Just In Time”, “Rockabye” and so many more.

Melanie Parry transports her audience back in time as we hear of Garland’s career spanning the years from when she started performing at the age of 2, to her auditions with MGM, the golden years with Vincente Minnelli, who directed Judy in many of her most memorable MGM musicals, to the eventual split with Metro, her triumphant Concert Years with producer and manager Sid Luft, her dramatically demanding film role in A Star is Born, to her Carnegie Hall triumphs, and her children the incredible Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft, to the glitz and glamour, triumphs & tragedies that was Judy’s life, to the final end with her tragic death in 1969 at the age of only 47 years.

Melanie Parry’s shows are renowned for including AV film footage and this show was the first of its kind to include clips of Judy Garland as Judy’s story is told, adding to the overall visual excitement and thrill as you see so many wonderful memories of Judy as she appeared in her many concerts and films.

Hop on a trolley and take a ride with the fabulous VOICE and sparkling personality of this sensational artiste, MELANIE PARRY as she sings the songs and brings to life the story of JUDY GARLAND like no other performer!!

The show is currently available with a 3 piece ensemble to a full concert experience with a six to sixteen piece orchestra and Musical Director.  The show is also ideal and in high demand for the Performing Arts Morning Melodies theatre market with Musical Director Mr Bruce Mainstone on Grand Piano.

Melanie Parry's shows are renowned for including AV film footage and this show was the first of its kind to include clips of Judy Garland as Judy's story is told, adding to the overall visual excitment and thrill as you see so many wonderful memories of Judy as she appeared in her many concerts and films.

Go See Melanie Parry's website link: www.melanieparry.com


Hop on a trolley and take a ride with the fabulous voice and sparkling personality of this sensational artiste, MELANIE PARRY as she sings the songs and brings to life the story of Judy Garland like no other performer!!

The show is currently available with a 3 piece ensemble to a full concert experience with a Six to sixteen piece orchestra with Musical Director Mr Michael Hope.

The show is also ideal and in high demand for the Morning Melodies market with Musical Director Mr Bruce Mainstone on Grand Piano.

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Reviews Feature


Our biggest thanks to Melanie and her wonderful supporting musicians. The show was outstanding and the audience were abuzz with compliments. Main comments were “wonderful” “extraordinary”, “beautiful voice”, “incredible songs” reminded them of songs they had grown up listening to. During the final song patrons were standing to give Melanie an ovation for her remarkable performance. We are looking forward to welcoming back Melanie Parry to the theatre in 2015 for her acclaimed VERA, The Magic of Dame Vera Lynn show which has already SOLD OUT for her first performance with a second performance scheduled on the same day! ... Clare  Cochrane, Venue Management, Casula Powerhouse, Liverpool

While Judy Garland is gone, her music lives on in a glamorous stage show performed by
Melanie Parry called ‘Judy’, The Judy Garland Story In Song. Audiences will believe they’re really listening to Judy Garland as Melanie sings many of the songs that made the Wizard of Oz star famous including Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Zing went the Strings, Meet Me In St Louis, The Trolley Song, Me and My Gal, Get Happy, Swannee, Almost Like Being In Love and many more. Melanie Parry is an Australian performer with extensive credits both here and overseas. One British critic described her as “the glamorous Australian songstress” and it’s not hard to see why. Audiences in Las Vegas were captivated by her performance as Judy Garland in 2001 so much so that she returned the following year for an encore season. Peter Owens – The Pilbeam Theatre 

Melanie Parry has appeared at the Brolga Theatre, Maryborough, Queensland, on a number of occasions.  Melanie’s Concert on 14th October 2004, ‘Judy’, The Judy Garland Story In Song, was her most memorable to date.  The audience was enthralled by her vivacious soprano voice, as they were led down the Yellow Brick Road to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, Melanie’s renditions of the repertoire of Judy Garland, brought tears of joy to many members of the audience as they were taken back to the Wizard of Oz era. The comments from the audience were invariably complimentary, exempli gratia, “ She not only looks like JUDY GARLAND but she sounds like her! and even LIZA MINNELLI as well!”!, to” That was the most memorable and enjoyable Morning Melodies Concert this year!” I consider Melanie Parry to be a sophisticated, polished and true performer of Diva Status. John Flanagan General Manager – The Brolga Theatre

Rockhampton Venues and Events presented Melanie Parry’s, ‘Judy’, the Judy Garland Story In Song, as part of our Morning Melodies concert series in October 2004. Attendances were above average for an entertainer who had not previously performed at the venue. The audience loved the show, warming to Ms Parry’s portrayal of Judy Garland from the outset.  The show itself was very professionally conceived and executed and seemed to strike a good balance between interesting anecdotes and musical numbers. We would certainly welcome her return with open arms to our venue in the future.- Peter Owens, Manager – The Pilbeam Theatre

Melanie Parry brings Judy Garland back into the spotlight with a show that delights and entrances audiences.  She weaves true magic as she re-creates the stage legend right before your eyes.  Parry’s voice is rich with the nuance of Garland and, as we learn the real story behind the legend, we are pulled ever deeper into the story through all the great Garland songs.  The audience was totally enthralled from the opening bars to the stirring final note and after the show the foyer was abuzz with nostalgia and the excitement of those who’ve just had a thoroughly good time. Melanie Parry’s musical tribute delighted the audience as they really experienced the essence of Judy Garland on stage.- Lyndall Osborne, A/General Manager – Caloundra Cultural Centre

Melanie Parry’s rendition of the late, great Judy Garland’s favourite songs can only be described as sensational and uncanny!! This talented performer bears an amazing resemblance to the show business legend and patrons won’t be disappointed when she adds her own touch of magic to her ‘Judy’, The Judy Garland Story In Song. - The Brolga Theatre


Written By
Melanie Parry
Composed By
Melanie Parry
Directed By
Melanie Parry
Designed By
Melanie Parry
One of Australia's Leading Ladies of Song MELANIE PARRY - The VOICE of Judy Garland
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