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1 Apr 2021 - 31 Dec 2022

Short Synopsis

REMEMBER SONGS is a collaboration work fusing Maori and Taiwanese culture through both song and dance. 

REMEMBER SONGS is a work that has begun its development phase and we are in the second stage of funded development towards developing excerpt material for use towards major funding and international presentation purposes. 

REMEMBER SONGS is based on the revitalisation of traditional songs from both the Ngati Tuwharetoa - Taupo region in Aotearoa and the Paiwanese - Taitung area in Taiwan. 

Presented as a contemporary dance work Moss Te Ururangi Patterson ( Tuwharetoa) and choreographer Bulareyaung Pargalava ( Paiwan tribe) will fuse traditions and contemporary movement styles to create an original work revitalising traditional narratives and how they have relevance today as empowering modes of reclaiming lost identities. 

 Songs will be performed by the dancers in a planned cast of 12 performers.