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The Arboreal Aerialist (Wellington, New Zealand)


27 Jul 2018 - 24 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

The Arboreal Aerialist is an ethereal installation-style performance that sees contemporary dance uniquely combined with aerial harness work. Touring NZ to critical acclaim, this 'mesmerising' work is designed to inspire audiences to look up and appreciate the incredible heritage trees within their communities, to slow down and reconnect with the natural beauty of this land.

Originally commissioned for Light Nelson Festival (2018), this aerial installation is performed high up in heritage or grand trees. Critically acclaimed, the work has been touring the lengths of Aotearoa.

An excerpt of the work can be seen here.


Reviews Feature

“Chloe Loftus had me absolutely spellbound as she twirled and twisted in midair and daintily stepped from branch to trunk. She was spectacular. Not the kind of thing you see everyday, that’s for sure.” (The Herald)

Chloe Loftus
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