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Tu Meke Tui (New Zealand)


1 Mar - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

TU MEKE TUI is the stage show adaptation of the best-selling children's book from Aotearoa.  

Tere the Tui and Taitu the Takahe are two very different birds.  One loves to flit and twirl about in the sky, while the other prefers to rustle around in the undergrowth.  But their peaceful world is rocked by the intrusion of Stan the Sly Stoat, a predatory pest with a raging hunger who has a penchant for snacking on native birds.

TU MEKE TUI is a story about courage, friendship, and discovering that sometimes it's our differences which make us truly special.

Currently in development, this physical theatre work is recommended for audiences aged 3-8 years of age.  

 ***Commissioned in partnership with Auckland Live, with writing development support from Creative New Zealand.

TU MEKE TUI will premiere in partnership with Auckland Live in October 2019.

Written By
Malcolm Clarke
Justin Haui
Designed By
Elizabeth Whiting, Nik Januirek
Availability Status
Available at short notice