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Zarek Silberschmidt: Acoustic Guitar Chameleon (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Dec 2018 - 31 Mar 2020

Short Synopsis

Zarek Silberschmidt (NZ/Swiss) is a finger-style guitar virtuoso currently based in Basel, Switzerland. Chameleon-like with his articulation of acoustic guitar performance, Zarek is stylistically remarkably versatile and a natural born performer with an unmistakeably Kiwi sense of humour evident in performance.  

A multi-cultural upbringing inspired him to immerse deeply into the cultures and stories behind a broad spectrum of guitar genres and techniques and pursue a global performance career as a solo guitarist and highly sought after session guitarist, with Classical, Gypsy-Jazz and Flamenco techniques and flair as the foundation for his solo career.

Zarek is represented worldwide by SquareSums&Co and endorsed by Maestro Guitars (Singapore), RightOn! Straps (Spain), Guitar-Repairs Urs Winkler (Switzerland) and Schertler Acoustics (Switzerland).



Reviews Feature

"He cleverly adapted songs by Stevie Wonder, John Butler and others with his unique rhythmic, melodic style, showcasing his tremendous talents with passages ranging from lyrically sweet to intense and explosive. The audience also greatly enjoyed his colourful and humorous introductions." – Swiss Foundation For Young Musicians

"Zarek is a very special kind of artist, who combines an incredible talent and dedication to his craft, with an inescapable wit and charm, and a performance that is truly captivating." – Miss Bridget Walsh, Musician & Founder, INDHE


Zarek Silberschmidt
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