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Jamie Bowen: It happened Then, Now (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Jan - 1 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

This is a comedy show in two 40min halves. The first has Jamie performing stand up comedy, where he tells the story of a young girl in a cafe. A single moment in time, that captures something significant and wonderful. He uses this to explore ideas about humanity, and just what we're all doing here.

The second half sees Jamie interviewing a prominent person, about the ideas and concepts that the first half has brought up. 

The show was performed in the NZ International Comedy Festival as a 1 hour show, this would be expanded for future performances. Guests included Wellington mayor Justin Lester, comedians Rhys Darby & Justine Smith and musician Rhian Sheehan.

Uniquely positioned as both a stand up comedy, and an interview, this show has a wide appeal. We have an excellent track record of guests, and feel this adds to the value and marketability of the show.

Written By
Jamie Bowen
Availability Status
Generally available