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Awesome Robots (Auckland, New Zealand)


18 Feb 2019 - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

Awesome Robots is a contemporary dance and music collaboration by choreographer Lucy Marinkovich and composer/musician Lucien Johnson. The work is intended as a dynamic and spectacular piece which would be ideally suited to outdoor events and music festivals.

 Awesome Robots has been inspired by trends surrounding vintage science-fiction and the current re-alignment of futurist metaphors to reflect cultural diversity. In particular, Awesome Robots has been influenced by the movement known as Afrofuturism. This movement seeks to place the African diasporic experience at the heart of science-fiction narratives. In turn, Awesome Robots uses this as a point of departure for exploring the possibilities of creating a uniquely Pacific futurism.

 An initial section of Awesome Robots has been developed and performed by The New Zealand Dance Company for their Tamaki schools tour. The audience reaction from both children and adults was extremely positive from the first five minute section of this work. We are now proposing to develop this work into a 45-55 minute work. The work would include five dancers and two musicians, an performance design and costume design. The work is intended to be performed with live musicans, and can also be performed to a pre-recorded soundtrack.

 Chief collaborators include choreographer Lucy Marinkovich, founder of Borderline Arts Ensemble and formerly a dancer with Footnote NZ Dance and guest with the NZDC for their production of Orpheus — a dance opera. The music is created by Lucien Johnson, an award-winning composer with an international career and former member of renowned band The Black Seeds. He is joined on stage by hip-hop MC Imon Starr. Costume design is by Kate Hawley, who has designed costumes for multiple Hollywood films including The Hobbit.

 Awesome Robots is a unique work that captivates audiences’ imaginations through highly rhythmic music, stunning sci-fi costumes and visual effects, and an athletic and scintillating choreographic language which bridges popular and contemporary dance styles.

Composed By
Lucien Johnson
Lucy Marinkovich
Availability Status
Still in pre-production