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Kiss The Sky (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Apr 2019 - 23 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

A constellation of original dance, music and design from Aotearoa, Korea and Australia.

The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) forges its stellar national and international reputation for powerful contemporary dance with Kiss The Sky, “a diverse magical experience” that “grabs your attention from start to finish” (DANZ). 

 Artistic Director and Arts Laureate Shona McCullagh showcases an Asian-Pacific constellation of original dance, music, and design, reflecting on the themes of nature and time. 

 In Kiss The Sky, McCullagh combines the high-octane physicality of Korean choreographer and composer KIM Jae Duk in his work Sigan; the vibrant aesthetic of New Zealand’s Victoria Colombus in her world premiere work The Fibonacci; and the powerhouse choreography of renowned Stephanie Lake in the eccentric and imaginative If Never Was Now for “an evening of sensory indulgence” (Theatreview).

With exceptional ”versatility, virtuosity and artistry” from the high-calibre NZDC dancers and “excellence of the design and production teams” (NZ Herald) Kiss The Sky will leave you dreaming for more. 

Reviews Feature

 “From its pulsating opening beats, Kiss the Sky is a show that makes you feel.” -Theatreview


“…it is impossible to tear your eyes away from the energy building, rising and falling, until the inky end.” -Theatreview


"From tight synchronised movements to fluid floor sequences, the inspiring works alongside the eye-catching lighting and spectacular scores grab your attention from start to finish." - DANZ


"The rousing cheers which greet the final bows are recognition of the versatility, virtuosity and artistry of NZ Dance Company dancers and the excellence of the design and production teams." - NZ Herald

Composed By
KIM Jae Duk, Rowan Pierce, Robin Fox
Directed By
Shona McCullagh
KIM Jae Duk, Victoria Columbus, Stephanie Lake
Designed By
Rachael Walker, Elizabeth Whiting, Jo Kilgour, Donna Jefferis, Andrew Treloar, Ben Bosco Shaw
Chrissy Kokiri, Carl Tolentino, Xin Ji, Ngaere Jenkins, Katie Rudd, Chris Clegg
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