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The Red Tree (NSW, Australia)

Tour Coordinators

1 Jun 2019 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

When the dice is always loaded against you how do you move forward?

Join us for an extraordinary journey to a world of imagination where origami boats take you on an ocean voyage, giant fish host musical interludes, and parades pass you by. This is the story of a young girl living inside her bedroom and how she conquers her fears and anxieties, finally embracing hope and taking control of the world that has always been around her.

The Red Tree is a new work of music theatre. National Theatre of Parramatta has commissioned mutli-award winning writer Hilary Bell and ARIA award-winning songrwriter and composer Greta Gertler Gold to adapt Shaun Tan’s award-winning book, directed by Neil Gooding.

The score fuses pop, classical and traditional musical theatre elements with sound design and digital recording technology in an exciting, contemporary fashion.

Shaun Tan’s The Red Tree won the Patricia Wrightson prize in the NSW Premier’s Book Awards, and was awarded the ‘le Prix Octogones 2003’ prize by the Centre International d’Etudes en Literature de Jeunesse, following its translation into French.

Reviews Feature

A Triumph!” “You’ll be swept along by the pure artistry and seamless stage, musical and set direction of this piece.”  Weekend Notes

Written By
Shaun Tan. Adapted for the Stage by Hilary Bell
Composed By
Greta Gertler Gold
Directed By
Neil Gooding
Designed By
James Browne
Availability Status
Generally available