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Jekyll and Hyde (New Zealand)


13 Jan 2019 - 18 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis





Five hilarious performers tell the terrifying and yet still exceptionally sexy tale of Jekyll & Hyde. Thrillingly charming, with twisted pop songs and shockingly good physical comedy, we’ll make you laugh until it hurts. Join the award-winning cast of Jekyll & Hyde and unleash your inner monster…if you dare.

Reviews Feature

...a high-octane, overly-charged show that defies many conventions of theatre. - DomPost (Ewen Coleman)

Jekyll and Hyde displays some of the most gentle, loving and encouraging audience interaction that I have ever seen. These larger-than-life clowns ease us into the games they’re playing, making it feel like being involved is the most exciting thing in the world....joyful, positive, sexy, hilarious and clever. I wish I could stay for hours. - Pantograph Punch (Hannah Banks)

...a style of theatre not ordinarily seen: playful, energetic, silly and spirited where having fun, and playing with the art form, is the main aim. - NZ Herald (Dionne Christian)

They are confident and fun to be around, endeavouring always to be very charming and very witty, drawing us out to play, to enjoy our own sass. The actors skilfully incorporate our responses into their banter, weaving us into their story­tell. - Theatreview (Erina Daniels)

Written By
A Slightly Isolated Dog
Directed By
Leo Gene Peters
Designed By
Leo Gene Peters, Meg Rollandi, Blair Godby, Debbie Fish
Susie Berry, Jack Buchanan, Andrew Paterson, Jonathan Price, Comfrey Sanders
Availability Status
Available at short notice