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Capital E - Live Performance for Children

We engage with children and young people as creative producers in encounters that ignite and fuel their creativity – equipping them to contribute as confident, capable, creative citizens in a world of... Read More

Taki Rua Productions

Taki Rua Productions is Aotearoa / New Zealand's leading Maori theatre company. For over 33 years we've produced and toured professional Maori theatre works to diverse audiences throughout Aotearoa / ... Read More

Barbarian Productions Ltd.

We Are Barbarian. ... We write, perform and make art that is fierce, funny and counter-cultural. We make work inside and outside of theatres, with groups and individuals, amateurs and professionals. .... Read More

The Conch

For 15 years, nationally and internationally acclaimed Wellington-based theatre company, The Conch have specialised in telling Pacific stories through a unique blend of visual magic, spoken word and o... Read More

Java Dance Theatre

Java Dance Theatre captures audiences in New Zealand and Internationally with visceral dance theatre that clambers into their senses.  We create original dance theatre works built on intense physicali... Read More


Stagebox Productions is the company of Celia Walmsley ... Read More

Tikapa Productions

Tikapa Productions has been producing theatre for three years and was formed by Jamie McCaskill and Kali Kopae in order to have a platform for which to perform their own work. Sonia Hardie joined the ... Read More

Everybody Cool Lives Here

Everybody Cool Lives Here aims to produce art that reflects Aotearoa's unique voice. We connect with a diverse range of artists who may be overlooked or excluded and empower them to tell stories. ... ... Read More

Stephen Blackburn

Independent Producer of NZ  and international work with over 35 years experience ... Read More

Muscle Mouth

Muscle Mouth is a dance theatre company known for delivering original and visceral performance works. Commentators note the fresh, visionary approach of the company. Muscle Mouth’s Artistic Director, ... Read More

Miles Calder

“Shades of Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams, with lovely words and tunes.” – Jeremy Taylor, Radio New Zealand National. ... “Miles Calder and his band are shaping up to be one of New Zealand’s finest” – Pie... Read More

Movement Of The Human

Movement Of The Human is a project based company that works collaboratively creating projects that feature Movement Design, Performance Design, Audio Visuals and Dance. ... Movement Of The Human is a ... Read More

Makers Of Entertainment

Imogen is one of three directors of Moe. With a background in Circus Arts and Design we strive to find the balance between entertainment and art. Moe is a new company but our trio has been working tog... Read More


The team behind "MAMIL - Middle-Aged Man In Lycra"  ... Read More

Mookalucky Productions

Mookalucky Productions is fromed by me, Rob Mokaraka to address a silent epidemic in Aotearoa....Depression and Suicide. I myself know from first hand the devastating affect it has. So after years of ... Read More

Norman Meehan Music

Norman Meehan is a New Zealand composer and performer. A well-established and active jazz pianist, Norman has performed original music at festivals and in concerts throughout the country and in Europe... Read More


Storybox is an award-winning creative studio that specialises in finding innovative ways to connect with audiences through engaging storytelling methods. ...   ... The business arose out of an art ins... Read More

The Wellington City Shake-'Em-On-Downers

The Wellington City Shake-’Em-On-Downers will open a portal to a parallel universe where syncopation is currency and jive is the nation's most beloved contact sport, captivating the country with their... Read More

Good Times

Good Times is a Wellington based production company, creating content for TV, film, web and live performance.We create and connect great content - stories, messages, ideas, arguments and entertainment... Read More

Raybon Kan

When Raybon Kan first appeared on the comedy scene, he was profiled on TV's 60 Minutes and became a fixture in the NZ Comedy Festival Gala. He's been named Best Comedian in Metro Magazine (twice) and ... Read More

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