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Strut & Fret Production House

Strut & Fret build the close relationships, with unique artists, productions, festivals, venues and organisations, which are necessary to ensure performances have a life beyond their first season. We ... Read More

NSW State Opera

Production of Opera, theatre and concerts ... Read More

Music Theatre Australia & Creative Universe

Music Theatre Australia & Creative Universe manage, creates and produce a range of accessible and innovative productions for Australian and international venues, festivals and events. MTA also books m... Read More

SackRed Theatre Company

The production company of Sue Ingleton. Sue is one of Australia's leading actor, director, writer and stand-up comedians .She has worked at MTC, STC, Belvoir St. La Mama et al and toured Australia , N... Read More

Full-On Theatre


HotHouse Theatre

HotHouse Theatre enriches Australian contemporary theatre practice from a position of regional strength. Based in Albury-Wodonga (on the NSW/Victorian border), the company offers an annual subscriptio... Read More

Doorstep Ensemble

Theatre Company dedicated to presenting small boutique style theatre works with quality productions of innovative and contemporary works. ... Read More

Snuff Puppets

Snuff Puppets is a puppet company based in Melbourne, Australia. We combine the elements of giant puppetry, live music, visual and physical theatre to create a unique and idiosyncratic performance lan... Read More

Mayhem Productions

Mayhem Productions was best known for producing the large-scale Melbourne-based cabaret shows: Mayhem Cabaret from 2002 - 2008. It more recenlty is known for presenting the cabaret character: Miss K w... Read More

Nat Cursio Co.

Nat Cursio Company makes dance that channels into two streams - the work of choreographer and artistic director Natalie Cursio, and curated seasons, such as With a Bullet : The Album Project, assembli... Read More

Annalisa Kerrigan

Annalisa is dedicated to providing world class concerts and musical/theatrical events for the Morning Melodies and "General Public" market, at reasonable prices that fit to the theatrical industries c... Read More

Circle Music Publishing & Production

Producer of theatrical and recorded projects. ... Read More

Elio Simonetti Magic

Producer of touring variety theatre shows, predominantly sight acts, for general public attendance. ... Read More

Red Stitch Actors Theatre Ltd

Red Stitch is a multi award-winning Victorian theatre company, which exists to advance the vitality of Australian theatre by nurturing artists and promoting integrity in our craft. ... Established in ... Read More

Chamber Made Opera

CHAMBER MADE OPERA creates work that re-imagines ways in which musical composition, sound, voice, performance, design and architecture can converge. The company interrogates the parameters of the oper... Read More

Chunky Move

Chunky Move constantly seeks to redefine what 
is or what can be contemporary dance in an ever-evolving Australian culture. Our work is diverse in form and content encompassing productions for the sta... Read More

Ben Winkelman Trio

The Ben Winkelman Trio is an innovative and dynamic contemporary jazz piano trio that draws on diverse influences, which range from Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music to stride piano and Jelly Roll Morton... Read More

Lucy Guerin Inc

Victorian contemporary dance company ... Read More

Sunwrae Ensemble

Sunwrae Ensemble is a new music chamber group featuring piano, vibraphone, string quartet, harp, clarinets, flutes, lap-steel guitar, double bass & percussion. Sunwrae, flexible in line-up from solo t... Read More

Arte Kanela Flamenco

Producer of flamenco performances and mangers of the Kanela Bar, Melbourne ... Read More

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