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Toa Paranihi

SUB is a newly found Dance company which merges elements from both the contemporary and Hip hop world to bring a new flavor of original, exciting and entertaining movement to audiences. whilst perform... Read More

Centrepoint Theatre

Centrepoint Theatre is a production house based in Palmerston North. We produce 4-6 shows a year and are turning 45 in 2019. Our aim is to create high quality accessible New Zealand stories.  ... Read More

Fergus Aitken

Fergus Aitken is a Wellington-based comedian, physical performer and MC, often working in the corporate sector as presenter and character actor.In addition to creating unique guises for special events... Read More

Rough Diamond Inc

Rough Diamond Inc is the company created by Delaney Davidson to front his many outlets. Record Label, Music Production, Live Touring and now Film Production are all offered by RDI. ... Read More

Pool Of Talent Ltd Nz

Cone of Silence presents is an Australasian company based in Auckland, New Zealand – founded by Michael Hanuman in 2010. Cone of Silences specializes in producing and promoting live performances throu... Read More

Sam Maher Digital Puppet Shows LIVE

LIVE Digital Puppet Shows Pop-Ups and Interactive Staged Events  ...   ... Read More

Showko Comedy

Showko Comedy is the production company of Showko Showfukutei, an acclaimed Japanese female comedian, ventriloquist and Rakugo performer (Japanese traditional comedy). ... Showko regularly performs in... Read More

Creative Universe

At Creative Universe we have identified that transformation happens through creativity. ... We offer you a range of innovative leadership and capability building programs, speakers, performers, concer... Read More

Pot Pourri

Pot-Pourri is presented by Creative Universe, and is regarded as one of Australia's leading groups. The group presents a range of productions and concerts for major venues, festivals, concerts and spe... Read More

Ephemeral Theatre

Ephemeral Theatre was founded by Amy Atkins in 2017. Ephemeral means “lasting for a very short time” – temporary, brief, or transitory. It reflects Amy’s ambition to engage audiences in relatively sho... Read More

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