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Mayhem Productions

Mayhem Productions was best known for producing the large-scale Melbourne-based cabaret shows: Mayhem Cabaret from 2002 - 2008. It more recenlty is known for presenting the cabaret character: Miss K w... Read More

Nat Cursio Co.

Nat Cursio Company makes dance that channels into two streams - the work of choreographer and artistic director Natalie Cursio, and curated seasons, such as With a Bullet : The Album Project, assembli... Read More

Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Terrapin makes contemporary puppetry for young audiences, touring nationally and internationally.  It creates work for theatres, and interactive installations for public spaces, telling sophisticated ... Read More

Annalisa Kerrigan

Annalisa is dedicated to providing world class concerts and musical/theatrical events for the Morning Melodies and "General Public" market, at reasonable prices that fit to the theatrical industries c... Read More

SpoonTree Productions

SpoonTree Productions presents Wolfe Bowart's spectacular and enchanting productions The Shneedles, LaLaLuna, Letter's End and The Man the Sea Saw.   ... Hailed as a modern-day Chaplin, Bowart brings ... Read More

Patch Theatre Company

Patch Theatre, Australia's only national theatre company dedicated to making theatre for four to eight year olds, is a company defined by innovation, collaboration and wonder. ... Recognised nationall... Read More

Circle Music Publishing & Production

Producer of theatrical and recorded projects. ... Read More

Elio Simonetti Magic

Producer of touring variety theatre shows, predominantly sight acts, for general public attendance. ... Read More

Barking Gecko Theatre Company

Barking Gecko ignites the imagination of young people through extraordinary theatre experiences. The Company will advance theatre for young people to new levels of performance and professionalism, and... Read More

Red Stitch Actors Theatre Ltd

Red Stitch is a multi award-winning Victorian theatre company, which exists to advance the vitality of Australian theatre by nurturing artists and promoting integrity in our craft. ... Established in ... Read More

Chamber Made Opera

CHAMBER MADE OPERA creates work that re-imagines ways in which musical composition, sound, voice, performance, design and architecture can converge. The company interrogates the parameters of the oper... Read More

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

At Spare Parts Puppet Theatre we believe every Australian should have the opportunity to engage with the arts to help them learn, grow and become positive forces in their communities. Exposure to the ... Read More

Chunky Move

Chunky Move constantly seeks to redefine what 
is or what can be contemporary dance in an ever-evolving Australian culture. Our work is diverse in form and content encompassing productions for the sta... Read More

Blackbird Productions

Blackbird Productions is an independent theatre company based in Melbourne dedicated to producing and managing high quality theatrical productions and experiences for audiences of all ages and backgro... Read More

Tetrafide Percussion

For more than fifteen years Tetrafide Percussion has created unforgettable musical experiences for more than a quarter million people around the globe. ... Integrating an eclectic range of percussive ... Read More

Circus Monoxide

A contemporary circus based in Wollongong NSW. Our main activity is touring a big top show to regional and metropolitan areas. Circus workshops are provided in conjunction with our touring program ... Read More

Flying Fruit Fly Circus

Australia's uniquely famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus has been training and touring a new generation of young circus artists since 1979. Our kids have tumbled, flipped and flown their way into the heart... Read More

Prestige Entertainment Pty Ltd

Award-winning entertainer Danny Elliott with Sharna Le-Grand appear in many shows they have produced including Danny Elliott playing no less than 12 instruments. Other shows include The Elton Experien... Read More

Perth Theatre Company

Perth Theatre Company is Western Australia’s oldest professional theatre company and is recognised as one of the few theatre companies in the country that heavily invests in the development of our loc... Read More

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