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Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre

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Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre

Zen Zen Zo is a Brisbane-based physical theatre ensemble at the forefront of contemporary performance in Australia. Founded in 1992, by Lynne Bradley and Simon Woods, the company’s established track record of producing highly physical, visually stunning productions of new and established texts has seen it take up a unique place in Australia’s theatrical landscape, its influence extending nationally and internationally.

Zen Zen Zo regularly conducts Co-Productions with major presenters such as The Brisbane Festival, The Adelaide Festival, QPAC, La Boite Theatre and The Queensland Arts Council and regularly tours Queensland and nation-wide, as well as internationally. Its production of Zeitgeist in 2009 was one of the hits of the Edinburgh Festival receiving seven 5-star reviews, and it has received several Matilda Awards for its contribution to theatre in Queensland.

The company's new Artistic Directors, Michael Futcher and Helen Howard both have an outstanding record of producing vibrant, accessible and tour-ready works, and as director Michael has launched several productions onto the national touring circuit including A Beautiful Life, The Kursk, James and Johnno, Walking By Apple Tree Creek and in 2012,  Animal Farm and Treasure Island.

Zen Zen Zo receives annual s2m funding from Arts Queensland, and its home is the beautiful Old Museum building in Bowen Hills Brisbane.

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