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Popjam Productions

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Popjam Productions
  • 39 Forever

Popjam Productions is Directed by Amity Dry and is based in Adelaide, SA. Amity Dry and Popjam have produced every season of 'Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life including 6 shows in the 2013 New York Musical Theatre Festival and a 43 show Australian tour in 2015. It produces all the cabaret shows of Amity Dry including 39 Forever, So You Want to Be Famous and Carole King - A Tribute.

"As a Tony Award Winning Producer in New York City I had the priviledge of working closely with Amity on the United States premiere of Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life at the New York Musical Theatre Festival this past summer. In my time working with her I disovered firsthand that Amity is fully dedicated to her work and possesses great expertise and drive as a composer, writer and producer. Amity and I will continue working on Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life and I hope to work with her on many more projects with her in the future." Carl D White, Martian Entertainment NYC.

"Amity is bright, hard working and ambitious, what's more, she's very smart about the type, style and size of cast she writes for. Amity is an artist who wants her work to be seen and knows what makes a show commercial. She writes for a contemporary audience who wants to be moved and entertained. I am quite confident that Amity will make the most of any opportunity you afford her. Her energy is limitless and impressive." Mary Kate Burke, Director of Programming, New York Musical Theatre Festival 


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