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Danza Productions

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Danza Productions

Danza productions is a music agency of professional musicians that  can provide  a wide range of music styles for all occasions from formal to informal settings and especially for Touring Shows, Corporate events, Weddings and festivals.  All musicians are formally trained and have extensive professional experience.

Matthew Fagan is the main Performer for Danza Productions.

Please refer to https://www.matthew-fagan.com/music for his current shows available for tour.

Matthew has recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Community Cultural Development and in Music Education.  Matthew has also completed a Bachelor Degree in Music at Monash University, Majoring in Composition and Ethnomusicology, A Bachelor Degree in Music (Guitar) at Victorian College of the Arts, Majoring in Performance, arrangement and composition  and a Major in Improvisation Performance.

From 1997 to the present Matthew has been the music director and main facilitator for the Voyages Community Cultural Project.  This project has involved over 2000 participants engaged in artistic creation and performance , exploring cross cultural exchange with musicians from India, Africa, China and Eastern Europe. 

Voyages Flamenco Show and Black Voyages is a development of Matthew Fagan’s Project “Voyages” which was first commissioned by the Shepparton Festival in March 2003.  The success of this commission has led to further projects including:

1. “Voyages ” Twilight Multi-Cultural Celebration Concert, Federation Square, Australia Day  2004-2011 funded by the Victorian Government- Matthew Fagan Music Director commissioned by Pan Events (involving 300 performers under the direction of Matthew Fagan);  and

2. “Voyages as a showcase tour for Regional Arts Victoria 2004. A large scale Community Cultural Project facilitated and co-ordinated by Music Director Matthew Fagan, administered by Regional Arts Victoria, Co-funded with Vic Health and the Australian Arts Council for a regional tour to 8 Victorian Communities with a budget of over $450,000.

Matthew  is a well known professional guitarist and composer of over 30 years experience who plays a unique Australian handmade 10 string Spanish guitar.  Matthew has presented music for touring internationally with Billy Connolly, The Buena Vista Social Club, Shirley Bassey Michael Crawford and Natalie Cole.

Matthew Fagan was the recipient of funding through the The City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund and on the 24th of June, 2012 and presented 'Voyages" at the St Kilda Town Hall, with over 200 Multicultural and local Community Artists performing to a full house.

The Voyages Project also received funding from the City of Kingston and the Victorian Government- Victorian Multicultural Commission, and Bendigo Bank- Highett and on the 27th of October, 2012 another large scale concert was presented at the Kingston City Hall.

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In May 2014 Danza Productions was the Sponsor, Promoter and performer for the National tour with World Renowned Jazz and Fingerstyle Guitarist Martin Taylor MBE from the UK.   Matthew also hosted the Dandenong Ranges Ukulele Festival at Burrinja Cultural Centre in Upwey, Victoria in 2015 and the  Inaugral and very successful Emerald Ukulele Festival on the 31st May 2014 which was supported by the Australian Arts Council.   

Danza Productions also has its own label and the most recent recording El Vito  was recorded in September 2017 and was released on Vinyl in 2018.  Matthew produced two  Albums in September 2014 in the USA, “Virtouos 2 - A Homage to my Ancestors" where concerts feature guest pianists such as Caroline Almonte and Nicholas Young both leading pianists, performing classical masters Beethoven, Rodrigo, Bach, Albeniz and Vivaldi.  In 2014 Matthew produced a Festive Guitar Album with Christmas and Celtic Music.  In September 2013 in the USA, Matthew produced two new albums “Virtuoso” A Homage to my Ancestors” and Ukuleleland which features the beautiful music of Spain, Latin American, Africa, Gypsy music  & other world Music.

On the Virtuoso 1 album Matthew has especially arranged Violin and Piano repertoire as performed by his ancestors for classical guitar, featuring a  stunning repertoire including –'Flight of the Bumblebee' (Rimsky-Korsakov),'Caprice No. 24' (Niccolò Paganini), 'Rondo `A La Turca`' (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart),'Czardas Hungarian Dance' (Vittorio Monti),'Traditional Summer and Winter 1st Movements from “The Four Seasons”(Antonio Vivaldi),Flamenco Dance “Solearas” and Spanish Dances “El Vito” & “La Partida”.

Virtuoso 2 is a continuation of the project Virtuoso a dedication to Matthew’s  Ancestors the Parkes family, father Albert Parkes (Matthew’s great grandfather) a fine violinist and musician and extraordinary teacher,  and his  three sons Cecil, Kingsley and Milton who between 1900 to 1940 had a profound effect on the Australian musical scene.  

In Virtuoso 2 Matthew has chosen piano repertoire to honour his grandfather, celebrated concert pianist Milton Parkes and great uncles Cecil and Kingsley Parkes prodigious violinists who also played high level piano.  Cecil and well known Pianist May Broderick (Cecil’s wife) with Cellist Christine Frallion performed in the Strad Trio and featured on Australian’s first Sound Film with music by Frank Thring Senior of EFTEE productions. 

Cecil Parkes was a child prodigy violinist who was taken under the wing and toured with International star soprano Dame Nellie Melba performing in patriot concerts around Australia as the opening attraction at Melba’s private gatherings and toured the USA and Canada  with sponsorship from Dame Nellie Melba in 1916 at the age of 13.  Cecil was warmly received by American audiences. Other than Melba herself, no other Australian artist had made such an impact on such an international stage in that period.


"El Vito"

"Virtuoso 2- A Homage to my Ancestors"

"Festive Guitar"

"Virtuoso 1- A Homage to my Ancestors"


“One Day in Nashville"

 “Voyages and Journeys”

“Indigo Moon"

“Point of Departure”

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