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Gravity & Other Myths

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Gravity & Other Myths

Formed in early 2009, Gravity & Other Myths is collaboration between seven accomplished South Australian artists. Prior to formation of the company the group trained together for over five years under the guidance of Cirkidz Youth Circus School. Now as an independent company Gravity & Other Myths aims to create professional works that challenge and inspire audiences, breaking the stereotype of art by young people. Taking inspiration from diverse art forms Gravity & Other Myths forges their own explosive and dynamic performance language.

The company’s premiere work, Freefall, toured Australia in 2012 and A Simple Space has been touring consistently in Europe and US for over 4 years having performed 560 times in over 28 countries.

With the assistance of CAIAF and the Major Festivals Initiative, GOM then created its latest work Backbone to critical acclaim and standing ovations at every performance.


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