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Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

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Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is Australia's champions of puppetry creating inspiring works for young people and families.

As any young person brought up in Western Australia will know, ‘spare parts’ is not merely a term used in the car industry, it is the name of a puppet theatre that has been playing to audiences throughout the world for over a quarter of a century.

Any person that may have attended one of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s shows, outdoor events, exhibitions or workshops, will also be able to tell you that Spare Parts is not just for kids but the child in us all!

Having inspired a generation of Western Australian’s to think creatively through the art of puppetry, Spare Parts is intent on sharing its achievements with the rest of the world. 
In 2008 we hosted the 20th UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival. This event is described as “the Olympics of puppetry”. 

Along side this festival Spare Parts ran The Million Puppet Project, one of the largest community cultural projects ever undertaken in Australia engaging literally thousands of people from around the world from Gibb River Road to Cannes in France.

We perform to over 40,000 people a year.

From The Sydney Opera House to the largest Puppet Festival in the World. From Katanning to Karratha, Japan to Korea, France to Christmas Island, North America to China, Spare Parts has touch millions of people with the magic of puppetry.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is recognised as Australia’s champions of puppetry.

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