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Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

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Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

At Spare Parts Puppet Theatre we believe every Australian should have the opportunity to engage with the arts to help them learn, grow and become positive forces in their communities. Exposure to the arts improves people’s sense of enjoyment, purpose and identity, and can positively change the peoples’ lives by engaging their mind, body and emotions.  

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is Australia’s flagship puppetry company and a driving force in the puppetry landscape in Australia since 1981. Through puppetry we share stories that celebrate what it is to be human; connecting audiences across generations. Over the course of our 38-year history we have entertained and enriched the lives of tens of thousands of audience members both in Australia and abroad.

Puppetry and performance have the ability to transform people’s view of the world, and build connection and meaning through shared emotional experiences. We create adventurous and enriching theatre that expands the way audiences see, feel and experience the world. We create contemporary puppetry works by fusing puppetry, dance, new media, visual arts, music, theatre and adaptations of popular literary works.

We are an energetic, fun-loving and playful company with a proud history of creating puppet theatre works for a family audience. We aim to create unique works that nourish the emotional intelligence of our audience and that push the boundaries of the art form.

The company is led by award-winning Artistic Director Philip Mitchell and Associate Director Michael Barlow. Annually we have an audience and participant reach of 80,000+ people.

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