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Patch Theatre Company

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Patch Theatre Company

Patch Theatre, Australia's only national theatre company dedicated to making theatre for four to eight year olds, is a company defined by innovation, collaboration and wonder.

Recognised nationally and internationally for its visual, poetic and sophisticated theatre tailored for early childhood audiences, Patch Theatre creates in-theatre, high-production value works that are specifically designed for touring.

Patch Theatre has completed 15 national tours over 16 years, playing to more than 300,000 children in venues in every state of Australia. The company is one of only two national theatre companies who has received consecutive National Touring Status funding from the Australia Council until from 2015 - 2020. 

After premiering new works in Adelaide, Patch tours extensively regionally and nationally each year.   International touring continues to grow, as we add to over 30 seasons across the USA, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

In 2019, Patch has embarked on an exciting new direction under the leadership of Geoff Cobham (Artistic Director) and Teena Munn (Producer), focussing on a reimagined style of design-rich theatrical experiences that put children and their curiosity first.

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