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Musical Sprouts

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Musical Sprouts

Musical Sprouts is a company that creates high quality music and theatre for children aged 2 - 8. Since launching in October 2018, Musical Sprouts have delivered two popular seasons in Melbourne theatres and will be performing in the Melbourne and Sydney Fringe Festivals in September 2019.

Since Musical Sprout's inception in Jan 2018, Bridget has secured $115,000 in funding. Her focus for 2019-2020 is working with VicHealth's Gender Equity Through the Arts initiative to create a Musical Sprouts theatre show for families that explores the foundations of empathy in children. 

Bridget has worked as an arts practitioner, community development officer and arts project officer for 20 years and is excited about exploring her next career stage of independent theatre production.

About Musical Sprouts

Musical Sprouts are champions for the 'little' people tackling all the 'big' issues in their lives with charming characters, fun and helpful songs and important messages to their stories.

Musical Sprouts is the creation of three female musical theatre performers, Bridget a'Beckett, Julia Davis and Sharni Page. After becoming mothers they formed a unique collaboration that came from a common belief that a love of music can shape a life, no matter how little or big! They are passionate, seasoned artists whose aim is to consistently provide high quality musical experiences for young children in order to enhance their understanding of music, theatre, creativity and feed their imagination.



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