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House of Hudson

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House of Hudson

The House of Hudson has been developing, directing and producing theatre in Aotearoa for the past 15 years. The company includes the talents of Margaret-Mary Hollins and Mike Hudson.

We tell stories for all ages. We create theatrical productions from real-life/historical events, such as The Rwandan Genocide with 'A Thousand Hills', to award-winning plays for the young, including the adaptation of the classic novel, Tom Sawyer produced by Auckland Theatre Company 2016. As well as other award-winning plays, our most recent play 'Whetū & Nick' won the Playmarket NZ, Plays for the Young First Place Award 2019. 

We are focused on producing work with high production values while developing a strong creative team, passionate about the stories we tell. We love working with emerging artists and providing a platform for them to excel. 

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