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Small Island Big Song

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Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song is a collaborative multi-platform project uniting indigenous musicians across the Pacific & Indian Oceans through song in the face of climate change and cultural loss. Spanning from Taiwan to Aotearoa/New Zealand, from Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island.

8 profile musicians across the oceans unite on stage, supported by multi-media projection shot over 3 years across 16 island nations.

The Small Island Big Song self titled album was released in Sep' 2018 internationally (receiving Best Album 2018 from Songlines UK) preceded by an official invitation to launch the concert at SXSW in the US, followed by headlining festivals in Europe and Asia.

In these cultures, before the written word, songs held the power, passing on the cultural knowledge, like how to live on an island with limited resources. And the fact is, we are losing these songs, when we need them the most.

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