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Showko Comedy

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Showko Comedy

Showko Comedy is the production company of Showko Showfukutei, an acclaimed Japanese female comedian, ventriloquist and Rakugo performer (Japanese traditional comedy).

Showko regularly performs internationally for TV, radio, comedy clubs, festivals and major events including the Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival and she was a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent.

A former radio broadcaster and in-flight entertainment announcer, Showko began her performance career working at a police station teaching traffic safety using a puppet. Fast forward to the present day where she lives in Melbourne and is a regular on the comedy circuit performing alongside comedy legends such as Dave Hughes, Denise Scott, Cal Wilson, Judith Lucy, Julia Zemiro, Dave O’Neil, Libbi Gorr, to name a few. 

Besides being the only fully trained Rakugo performer based outside Japan, Showko is also the most innovative with 400 year old traditional stories being turned topsy turvy and peppered with visual gags and Western style jokes. 

Showko's main productions are in her signature kooky clean comedy style and off-beat sense of humour that blends stand-up and ventriloquism to create a unique and hilarious hybrid.

Showko also produces school shows that she takes nationally as well as cultural shows and workshops for traditional Rakugo.

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