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He kōrero ngā tahi, telling stories together

JK Productions brings together the talents of Dione Joseph (director, dramaturge and critic) and Jimmy James Kouratoras (painter, sculptor and printmaker) to create a platform for telling stories together. This is our
kaupapa. Your stories. Our stories. Stories of our imagination, stories of our realities, stories of all
the places in between. We bring our tīpuna, our blood memories, our whanau, the [his]stories, the
[her]stories; the stories of all, actively and inclusively.

We make a commitment towards changing the world through telling our stories in our own words
and in our own voices - because we are active believers in the power of the arts to bring about
healing, transformation and restoration. The talents of creatives, activists, innovators, thinkers and
change makers join us here, because collectively, we believe that what we do is imperative to the
health of creative economy.

We are storytellers. We are changing the narrative. 

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