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Anthonie Tonnon

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Anthonie Tonnon
  • Rail Land
  • A Synthesized Universe - Anthonie Tonnon

Anthonie Tonnon is a musician originally from Dunedin, and currently based in Whanganui. He has toured widely as a solo performer around North America, Europe and Australasia, sharing the stage with the likes of Nadia Reid, The Chills and The Veils. In 2015, his album, Successor, was a finalist for The Taite Music Prize, and the single Water Underground was a top five finalist for the APRA Silver Scroll award.

Tonnon has developed a reputation as an innovative songwriter and lyricist, examining modern, complex problems through highly specific characters. He has developed a one-of-a-kind show which combines both electronic and traditional instrumentalism, a surreal sense of storytelling and physical movement.

Interested in the fluid boundary between organic and synthesized sound, Tonnon currently performs on a Synthstrom Deluge - a new electronic instrument designed in Wellington, and a storied, 1968 semi-hollow body guitar.

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