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Hannah Fang

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Hannah Fang

I am a violist who equally adept at playing the classics and then scoring, choreographing and performing pop , hip hop , contemporary and metal rock . While violin concertos require talent, technical skill and a prodigious memory, me , want to reach out to a new audience that embrace rock , hip hop, and pop. It will be a total performance. I very much enjoy the stage and feel valued when my music touches the heart of the audience. I feel very deeply about my music and interpretation, i forget who i am , where i am , i get very emotional and just feel the music when i perform .


I began my musical journey at the age of three and won my first major competition at 10. I toured Asia and Europe when i was 14, attained my Master's degree at the Xinghai Conservatory of music in 2011. I has performed in numerous prestigious concerts including performing for the Thai Royal Family and the Crown Prince of Belgium. I am also a member of the Registered Music Teachers New Zealand (IRMTNZ) .


Concert coming up at the Regent on Broadway in Palmerston North New Zealand 

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