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The Dust Palace

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The Dust Palace
  • Goblin Market
  • Human
  • The WonderWombs

The Dust Palace
Circus Theatre Company

Our mission is to present fun, exhilarating circus theatre that is intimate, visually stunning and brave
in its frankness about human nature.

Established by Eve Gordon and Mike Edward in 2009, The Dust Palace is New Zealand's pre-eminent circus theatre company. Our aim is to create tour-able circus theatre, taking our stories around the world; and to foster circus and physical performance and practitioners in Auckland and Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Dust Palace is the top supplier of circus entertainment in New Zealand. We provide highest level circus skill in a full range of shows and packages to suit any sized event. From group acrobatics, hand balance and contortion to aerial performance on any apparatus our shows have the top quality production values and performers.

We pride ourselves on leading, advancing and extending the industry. We will always have the latest thing to offer and some of our designs are unique world-wide. Our bespoke work is by far the most sought after. Specifically tailored aerial and acrobatic shows of 5 – 120 mins that suit the space and incorporate the clients core values, theme and aesthetic, desires and imaginings! For wow-factor look no further... that's what we do.

The Dust Palace has progressed toward creating more integrated narrative based works as our company and audience profile has grown, which is at the core of what we do. Having toured extensively both nationally and internationally with our 13 full length theatre works, we have been focussed on growing an audience for circus theatre and on innovating circus as an art form. From our early cabaret-style works we have been introducing our audiences to a more sophisticated, genre-bending blend of circus and physical theatre; challenging and engaging diverse audiences as well as providing mind- blowing entertainment!

The Dust Palace also has a training facility and school where their independently developed grading system helps children and adults achieve their fitness goals and cirque dreams!

To change a perspective you have to turn the world upside down.

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