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Turid Revfeim

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Turid Revfeim

The Company - A small project based contemporary ballet company including former rnzb artists and graduates from the NZSD

The Mansfield Project - a new contemporary ballet by award winning choreographer Javier de Frutos, in which de Frutos comments on Mansfields influence on New Zealand culture and how she lives on through her words. The full length work explores her life through the use of verbatim, against a tailored soundscape, making her poems sing out and her text articulate through the dancers athleticism and energy. This outstanding work brings together a creative team of New Zealand musicians, actors, costume & lighting designers and acclaimed dancers.

The Reach - Ballet audiences, contemporary dance enthusiasts, Mansfield fans, music audiences.

Alongside main venue performances, we would include school performances, along with onsite school visits and workshops exploring Mansfields work and life. A schools resource would be created during the development of this work.




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