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Madhouse Circus

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Madhouse Circus
  • & I'll Cry If I Want To

In 2012 while at NICA 8 students developed Alice in the Madhouse and then continued on to develop a second show; Illuminate. Since touring Illuminate (2014/15) all members have scattered themselves across Australia performing with various companies such as acclaimed Casus Circus and Circa.

In early 2016 Madhouse Circus spent 2 weeks working and experimenting with 3 acrobats and balloons of all manners. We presented our result as a 20-minute performance at ‘The Gasworks’ Circus Showdown’ in Melbourne. 

Madhouse Circus has further developed and had another showing opportunity at the Western Australian Circus Festival in January 2017. We presented 35 minutes and received praise and constructive feedback to be applied to our next developments. Our further developments were at the Queensland Theatre in March and the Women’s Circus in Melbourne in May 2017. The show; ‘& I’ll Cry If I Want To’ is set to delight audiences in Perth, Adelaide and Canberra in the first 3 months of 2018.

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