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Birdlife Productions

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Birdlife Productions

Birdlife Productions (aka Bridget and Roger Sanders) are a professional theatre company/partnership based in Nelson, New Zealand, who have a passion for creating work that communicates a greater dimension of the world through Puppetry, Masks, Music and Storytelling. They are gaining a reputation for original New Zealand theatre that combines their hallmark hand-made low-tech aesthetic with intimate and sophisticated storytelling techniques. They write their own material and make all their own puppets, props and sets, incorporating live music and plenty of wonder!
Birdlife Productions are committed to creating shows that are easily toured around New Zealand Schools and this is an absolutely essential aspect that both shapes and defines their work. They have recently completed an extensive tour of the UK and Europe with their latest show, 'Kōtuku and the Moon Child' and have won several awards this year including 'People’s Choice Award' from the Festival Valise in Poland, 'Outstanding Design' from Dunedin Fringe Festival, and the 'Green Light List Award'  from the New Zealand Fringe Festival.
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