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Isobel MacKinnon

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Isobel MacKinnon

Isobel MacKinnon is an award-winning independent performance maker living in Aotearoa. She works both as an actor and director, and her practice is focused mostly on creating contemporary new works through collaborative devised processes. Isobel’s most recent collaborations have been with critically acclaimed theatre companies Barbarian Productions, Binge Culture Collective and Everybody Cool Lives Here.

Isobel has been the recipient of multiple awards including the Chapman Tripp Theatre Award for ‘Most Original Production’ in 2014 (Dinner With Izzy & Simon), as well as ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best in Fringe’ (Wake Up Tomorrow) at the 2015 New Zealand Fringe Festival Awards.

Isobel teaches the acting programme annually at the National Youth Drama School and works as a clown doctor in paediatrics with Clown Doctors New Zealand Charitable Trust. She attended Victoria University and John Bolton Theatre School.

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