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Cunty Kookaburra Productions

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Cunty Kookaburra Productions
  • Welcome To My Cuntry: There's No One Here So Come On In

The Welcome To My Cuntry Performance Team was formed in 2016 in Alice Springs, NT.

Our team came together from various backgrounds to work on the production 'Welcome To My Cuntry: There's No One Here So Come On In', written by Kate Burbeck, after the initial draft was dramaturged by Peter Matheson in February 2016.

The team is made up of the original cast members who helped to develop the production from its early stages through to its presentation at Totem Theatre in Alice Springs in September 2016.

The team consists of performers with professional experience in stage and film acting and other professional performing arts capacities. This experience includes acting in many local theatre productions in Alice Springs as well as work on films such as Warwick Thornton's 'Sweet Country', filmed in Alice Springs in 2016.

Our stage manager is a former music promoter and band manager from the US who has worked in stage management at WOMAdelaide.

The director of Welcome To My Cuntry has many years' experience in community theatre, and has been a board member of Red Hot Arts Central Australia and Totem Theatre, Alice Springs.

Our current team members have a very high commitment to this production, both through their belief in the inherent value of the work and also through their collaborative involvement in developing it to presentation.

Arising out of the epiphanous personal experiences of the play's writer, the philosophy of this production is about participation, transformation and awakening and breaking down the '4th wall'. It is a 'mystery play', in the vein of the Eleusinian Mysteries of the ancient Greeks and it defies any genre or conventional, rational description; it is deeply provocative, subversive and irreverent and while aiming to appeal to a very broad adult audience, it also aims to invite its audience to enter into the mystery it presents, to journey with the Kookaburra as she wakes up the sun, and to become one with 'The Great Nothing'.

After the success of the production in Alice Springs 2016, and the subsequent additions and changes made to the script, we plan to tour the production interstate to Melbourne, and also Darwin and overseas to countries including the US and Europe.



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