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Packed Theatre

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Packed Theatre
  • Open!

The Package Theatre Collective is a team of Alice Springs theatre artists and musicians, featuring Katelnd Griffin, Kristy Schubert, Robbie Hoad, Annie Pfeiffer, Xavia Nou, Joaquin Hourbeigt and more recently performers Benjamin Erin and Maggie Pereyra. Their skills in physical theatre, puppetry, music and animation combine to craft works of magical realism and wonder.
Griffin, Schubert & Hoad began collaborating in 2014. They devised The Package based on Griffin’s original concept, which was inspired by her experience as a medical intern dealing with the deaths of elderly patients in hospital.
The Package premiered in the Alice Desert Festival 2014, with subsequent seasons in Araluen Theatre in 2015 and Darwin Writers Festival 2016. Adelaide Fringe is the groups’ premiere performance with a live music ensemble, weaving an enchanting original score. A pre-recorded score hot off the press gives the collective the flexibility to tour as a three or six hander. A wordless show, The Package is created to reach audiences of all ages, all around the world.

Open! was created by Griffin for very young children as she has a 3 yr old daughter and is a picture book illustrator.  Open premiered with a sell-out season in Alice Springs as part of the Live Arts NT 2017 program. It will follow with a season at Adelaide Fringe. 

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