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Bonnie Lee Galea

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Bonnie Lee Galea

I am a sole trader but work closely with my partner Quinton Dunne [from The Beggars/Rockola]

I have been performing & managing my own music since 2000 nationally.

Originally from Adelaide but began my Music Career in Darwin. Embarking on Music based shows in Theatre & Cabaret style since returning home to Adelaide in 2010 as many audience have often expected that I would have a show or two running. Then meeting Quinton I am now doing this. He also performs in both of my current shows



Recently performed YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS at Adelaide Town Hall in the Adelaide Fringe 2016 & for Corporate event in 2015 & BESSIE BILLIE DINAH also in the Adleiade Fringe 2016 and Oct 2016 in Melbourne. I am looking at touring these in 2017 & 2018 with view of another show we have in formation for later in 2017. 

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