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  • SK!N

TerryandTheCuz wants to do more than just entertain — they want to redefine the experience of theatre, to change our idea of what theatre can do.

The Edge Daily : December 2011

Formed in 2004 with the intention of providing artistic solutions, TerryandTheCuz has since established itself as a company with a truly global appeal. We have directed, designed, written and created work for theatre, dance, puppetry and art installations for companies, governments, festivals and artists across Asia, America, Europe and Australia.

TerryandTheCuz strives to write, create and design intelligent, humorous, passionate, visceral performance and/or art that reflects and engages with our changing society, and to attract newer and more diverse audiences to the arts. We seek to constantly develop and extend our collaborative performance-making practice with artists both local and abroad, to find new forms, voices and narratives in all our endeavours.

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