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Circus Oz

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Circus Oz

Circus Oz was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1978. The company has celebrated over 40 years of successful international and national touring, and confirmed its place in the hearts of generations of Australians.

From New York to Hong Kong, the Brazilian rainforest to outback Australia, Circus Oz has taken its self-crafted performances of wit, grace and spectacle to 28 countries across five continents to critical acclaim.

They have broken box office records at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and represented Australia at scores of international festivals. Across the globe they have translated parts of the show into other languages, from Hindi to Japanese. 

With its combination of hilarity and intelligence, spectacle, irony, beauty, and occasionally uncool moments, Circus Oz could only come from Australia.  It wears its collective heart on it’s sleeve, passionately supporting gender equity, celebrating strong women, championing diversity, supporting social justice and a good time for all.

Every Circus Oz performance is a one off.  Expect breathtaking agility from our all-human circus, death-defying stunts, awe inspiring acrobatic performances, innovative apparatus and design, irreverent comedy and a spectacular live band.

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