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‘International Celtic Artist of The Year 2016’ – Australian Music Awards

Clan Celtica is a Scottish Tribal 6-piece music group made up of large drums and Great Highland Bagpipes.  The music is uniquely Scottish, and Clan Celtica is the only band of this genre in the southern hemisphere, originating from the days before military pipe bands we know so well today were formed

This ‘Real-Sound-of-Scotland’ is best described as an exciting mix of the Great Highland Bagpipes weaving emotive Celtic melodies alongside pulsating dynamic drum beats, both slow to fast.  The almost eerie hypnotic atmospheric performance includes original tunes and rearrangements of well known Scottish theme compositions from movie soundtracks, such as ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Rob Roy’

Over 60 large gigs (audience 1000+) include a variety of Cultural/Music festivals, Highland Games, Vector Arena and TV performances such as Sky Sports (King of the Ring) and The Paul Henry Show (TV3)

Set Length is flexible from 1 to 20 tunes with an entire non-stop performance up to two hours

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