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Essence Productions

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Essence Productions

Essence Productions was founded by Alaine Beek in 2003 and is made up of 8 professional actors and 8 backstage crew.  Alaine is the author of the productions although the team are always involved in a rigorous workshopping devleopment process of any new production.  Her two plays 'What Was That?' and 'Down to Earth' have been performed each weekend at Werribee Park since 2003 attracting over 15,000 guests from all over Australia.  They are performed promenade theatre style. The mantra for Essence Productions is to bring fascinating Australian historical stories to life through live performance.  Challenging and engaging audiences is paramount in the process.  The plays at Werribee Park are the highest rated product in the cultural/entertainment category on Red Balloon.

Her latest play 'Point of No Return' won 3 top awards at the Playhouse Players 2014 National One Act Playwright Awards.  The play enjoyed a short and highly successful season in 2016 and as of 2017 is published at  A Victoria regional tour is being planned for 2018

Point of No Return is a gripping drama based on the true story of the Point Puer boys prison at Port Arthur. It is about boys becoming men, power struggles, loyalty, betrayal, gang mentality, youth anger and challenging authority and even humour.  With the latest escapes and riots in some of Australia's youth detention centres, the play is current and relevant with many of the issues that are present day closely paralelling those in 1832 at Point Puer.

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