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Kings Krib Productions

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Kings Krib Productions

Kings Krib Productions is run by Chloe and George King, alongside Zane Alexander.

Chloe and Zane’s experience in the arts includes music theatre, cabaret, theatre, improv, comedy, film, TV, radio, presenting and writing, as well as teaching singing and drama to adults and kids. Kings Krib Productions includes the children's show "Let it Go! Singalong and Dance Party!" and all of Gloria Gloryhole's comedy cabaret shows (for adults only!).

Kings Krib has done several seasons of Fringe World, and has just completed its first Adelaide Fringe season.

Other productions have so far included underground speak-easy style events in Perth and the UK for those in the know, featuring masks and costumes, aerial circus and cabaret performers, live music, DJs and surreal scenery including a reconstruction of Stonehenge, a Hadron Collider and Jamaican beach complete with bar.

Kings Krib was born out of a mutual love for play, interactive experiences and the crazy juxtapositions that life throws our way. 

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