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Marrugeku makes innovative intercultural dance theatre from the northwest Australian experience: where desert meets sea, Australia meets Asia and where cultures twine, fuse and morph. The company is currently under the artistic direction of Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain.

Marrugeku is proud to create its contemporary productions in the traditional homelands of the Yawuru people in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. Drawing from the lives of people and communities living in northwest Australia, Marrugeku share the memories and traditions of Indigenous culture and experience through contemporary dance-theatre. 

Productions have included ‘Mimi’ (1996); ‘Crying Baby’ (2001); the dance, film and karaoke work ‘Burning Daylight’ (2006); the youth production ‘Buru’ (2010); the multi-lingual dance and video solo ‘Gudirr Gudirr’ (2013); and most recently the meditation on humanity’s frailty in the face of its actions ‘Cut The Sky’ (2015). These productions have toured throughout remote and urban Australia, throughout Europe and across The Americas, Asia and The Pacific.

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