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AfterDark Theatre

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AfterDark Theatre
  • Society
  • Barbaroi
  • Last King of Vaudeville

AfterDark works primarily as a circus/ physical theatre company that marries unique and visually impressive lighting designs and thematic concepts with the human form to create productions that are highly entertaining and artistic enough for non- theatre goers to thoroughly enjoy.

Since its immersion, it has co- produced numerous productions for multiple independent festivals in Melbourne. AfterDark also aids in the designs of a number of now successful and emerging Circus companies which have gone onto win numerous awards across Australia and abroad. These companies include: Pants Down Circus, Trash Test Dummies and Black Carnation productions.

AfterDark Theatre was originally founded in 2009 by a group of independent artists from multiple art forms including circus, physical theatre, theatre and design. In 2009 AfterDark debuted its production 'Runtime Error', a teenage friendly black light circus show design for high visual impact and a basic narrative to engage teenagers and young adults that had never seen circus or puppet based theatre. In 2011, AfterDark created 'Limbo; a requiem', which was a fully narrative driven physical theatre and circus piece with no dialogue and live music which was part of a double bill alongside its other co-production; 'Lucky Break'; a break dancing street show. Shortly after, the company went on to create a dinner theatre cabaret 'Charlie Carbone's Cotton Club; a high society period piece into the roaring 20's and jazz infused 30's. AfterDark then produced its first touring show; 'Another Point of View' which toured to Adelaide and Melbourne in 2012, followed by its more recent production 'Barbaroi', which was created in mid- 2015 and features high octane circus and an amazing soundtrack to compliment the underworld theme of the show.


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