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Foster Group Dance

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Foster Group Dance

Foster Group Dance (based in Auckland, New Zealand) was founded in 2015 by contemporary dance maker and Creative New Zealand's 2017 Choreographic Fellow, Sarah Foster-Sproull, as a means to umbrella her independent choreographic work. 

We make provocative, compelling and explosive contemporary dance work. Our pieces explores issues of social relationships, gender and identity from a uniquely Aotearoa / New Zealand based perspective. Foster Group's work is renowned for its unique physicality, potent imagery, attention to detail, and channelling the occult and the divine through strong female protagonists.

Foster Group operates with support from Natalie Maria Clark as Producer & Creative Assistant, and key collaborators: dancers Rose Philpott and Jahra Rager Wasasala, composer Eden Mulholland, and Dramtaurgist/Set Designer/Composer Andrew Foster.

Our highly-anticipated show ORCHIDS features an astounding cast of seven women between the ages of 7-60yrs, and premiered in 2017 to sold out shows and standing ovations as part of Tempo Dance Festival. Foster Group also have a short work (20 mins) in repertoire, Sisters of the Black Crow, which premiered at Tempo 2016 as part of the Taumata showcase - alongside New Zealand Dance Company, Royal NZ Ballet and Okareka Dance Company. In June 2018, our new two-hander Double Goer was developed in residency at DanceBase in Edinburgh, under Sarah's Choreographic Fellowship, with NZ dancer Rose Philpott and Scotland-based NZ dancer Tamsyn Russell. In January 2019, Gender Panic will be developed in New Zealand, also under the Choreographic Fellowship, with dancers Aloali'i Tapu, Rose Philpott and David Harvey (U.S.A.)

Sarah Foster-Sproull's other creative relationships include: The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Guangdon Modern Dance Company (China), T.H.E. Dance Company (Singapore), VOU (Fiji), Footnote NZ Dance, and Co3 (Australia). 

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