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The Wolves

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The Wolves
  • The Magnolia Tree
  • Sidelined ( aka Suicide Row)
  • The Indifferent Revolutionist
  • The Seagull King

The Wolves Theatre founders are a creative partnership constructed of a Writer/Director and Producer/ Actor  along with a small team who create original theatre projects. We present contemporary & marketable Australian plays aimed mostly at the 40+ demographic. As a passionate group of mature artists we are on track to become a vibrant theatre company who survives on word of mouth. This is why our philosophy is, the audience is the most important person.
In 2017 we staged 2 new bold pieces both well received, and we have 3 new plays ready to join them in 2018. One a brilliant comedy to be staged in May. In order to be artistically & economically viable we need to capitalize on each play's momentum which is why touring is essential.We bring other creatives and actors in for each new project and are quite diverse in the range of projects that we produce.

The Wolves is currently a vehicle for the plays of Michael Griffith who writes bold contemporary Australian comedies and dramas that hold up a mirror to current conventions and social mores. He takes a not-so-serious slant on serious issues that are topical and sometimes controversial. These issues include suicide, euthanasia and the ignobility of ageing and have had critics raving and audiences coming back for more. These issues are universal and go beyond the geographical borders of suburbia.



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