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Natasha Moszenin

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Natasha Moszenin

I am a Melbourne-based composer, songwriter and producer. Since 2014, I have been writing and producing original songs and music-theatre  based on contemporary themes and concerns, and personal story, such as sleeplessness, anxiety. I have also written humorous songs about our dependence on social media, celebrity, and the " wellbeing" industry. My work has been performed at Gallery 214, Richmond, La Mama Theatre, The Butterfly Club, and The MC Showroom. 

In 2014/5 I created and performed The Insomnia Project, a music-theatre work which looked  at sleeplessness, anxiety, and dreaming, through the use of original songs, spoken text, movement and sound design. Then in 2016, I presented A Sleepless Cabaret, which was a more lighthearted treatment of insomnia and its effects on emotional wellbeing and female friendship.

My current work is Nightsongs, a song cycle / jazz cabaret for 3 voices and piano. This work is a collection of original songs, which explore the stories of the heart and mind that come to us, often unexpectedly, when we are alone, without distractions. 

In my work I aim to give voice and musical / dramatic form to the unspoken realities that affect many people today. 

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