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Crow Crow Productions

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Crow Crow Productions
  • The Lizard of Oz

Crow Crow Productions is an independent production company that focuses on the development of New Australian film and theatre works. The company has it roots in regional Australia and its major goals is to assists Regional Artists in bridging the gap between the creative opportunities available for artists in Regional and Rural areas and to those in major metropolitan areas.

The company was formed in 2010 with our first production of the new Australian play “Flightfall”. The play explored the links between depression and creativity and was written by Emily Calder, who is from the regional NSW town of Orange. It was produced and directed by Mark Grentell, who is from the regional NSW town of Wagga Wagga and other roles including that of the Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Production Manager and members of the cast were all filled by people from areas in within regional or rural Australia.

Crow Crow Productions secod new Australian play was titled “K.I.J.E”. The play was written by emerging young Australian writer Joanna Erskine and directed by Sarah Giles. The cast, crew and creative team of this production were also predominantly made up from artists from regional and rural Australia.

In 2012 Crow Crow Productions produced its first full length Australian feature film entitled Backyard Ashes. This project involved some of Australia’s most well know actors including John Wood, Andrew S Gilbert, Felix Williamson, Damian Callinan and Rebecca Massey as well as some of our finest film makers including cinematographer Damian Wyvill (The Great Gatsby, Australia, Moulin Rouge). The film was released in to cinemas on Nov 6, 2013 and on DVD in April 2014 and went on to become one of the best performing indepedent Australian films in recent years. 

Crow Crow Productions recently produced The Lizard of Oz, an origiunal family show based on the Wonderful Lizard of Oz story and giving it a unique Australian perpective with an Emu who can't fly, a Kookaburra who can't laugh and a Platypus that doesn't know what it is. The shows developmental production took place in Wagga Wagga, NSW and feature incredible designs from Aron Dosiak (Erth, Dinosaur Patting Zoo, Star Wars Burlesque). 

Crow Crow Productions is now involved in the development of 2 new Australian film and also a new Australian play, continuing its aim of supporting and developing regional artists and work in these areas. 

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