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blackcat productions

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blackcat productions
  • Lady Sings it Better

blackcat productions is creative duo, Phoebe Meredith and Maeve Marsden, who work together in happy harmony, sharing their contrasting skillsets and developing new work.

We create cabaret and live music events, and collaborate on diverse creative projects. We believe in make high quality popular entertainment, which pushes boundaries and expectations, socially and politically, in a format and style accessible to a wide range of people, young and old, queer and straight, men and women, alternative and conservative...

blackcat productions has grown from just two enthusiastic women to a collective of performers, musicians, designers and crew who all work together to make quality live entertainment and support Sydney's independent arts scene. The company bring a rich mix of skills and experience in cabaret, jazz, musical theatre, classical and pop music, as well as theatre, stand up and improvisation.

blackcat productions are committed to diversity, creativity, nice wine and not taking ourselves too seriously.

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