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Barbarian Productions Ltd.

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Barbarian Productions Ltd.

We Are Barbarian.

We write, perform and make art that is fierce, funny and counter-cultural. We make work inside and outside of theatres, with groups and individuals, amateurs and professionals.

Our shows use clown, mask, music, dance, wigs and puppets – forms which we bastardise and fuse together with stand-up comedy and lecture. We often work with community groups and untrained actors – we like working with people who want their voice to be heard. We respond to new venues and forms.

Our work ranges from large scale theatre works (Yo Future, White Elephant) to form-twisting community generated shows (Sing It To My Face) and smaller, interactive street experiments with an online component (BridesHelp Us ChangeBarbarian Dress-Up Box, and Political Cuts).

We strive for a new economics in performance which allow a broader audience to participate in our work. We love strong and unusual voices, diversity and change. 

Barbarian Productions (est. 2001) is a long-standing New Zealand (Wellington) arts company creating innovative new forms of theatrical work, involving many different communities and inviting the public into our larger than life world. We draw out issues of social change and cast the public as our main collaborator. 

Artistic Director: Jo Randerson

Dramaturgy/Communications: Thomas LaHood

General Manager: Rachael Mansfield

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