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Lemony S Puppet Theatre

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Lemony S Puppet Theatre
  • Picasso and His Dog
  • The Liechtenstein Nursing Home Massacre

Lemony S Puppet Theatre is the coming together of two widely respected and highly skilled puppet theatre makers, Sarah Kriegler and Jacob Williams. With over 20 years theatre experience between us, we have a commitment to extending the form beyond what is expected and constantly re-invent our practise, developing new styles and performance techniques. We make puppet works for adults and children and many of Australia's most experienced and sort after artists have collaborated with us on our works including the late Margaret Cameron (dramaturgy/collaborator), Steph O’Hara (sound design), Jonothon Oxlade (set design/puppet design), Jethro Woodward (sound design/composition/musical direction), Rachel Bourke (lighting design) Richard Vabre (lighting design), Tamara Rewse (performance), Matthias Schack-Arnott (performance/percussion), Mark Cauvin (performance/double bass) Adam Pierzchalski (performance/collaborator) and Krisztian Bagin (performance/collaborator). Our repertoire includes the critically acclaimed and Green Room Awarded work 'Captives of the City', Green Room nominated 'Apples and Ladders', 'The Lichtenstein Nursing Home Massacre', 'One Night the Dog,' 'Jesus Crisis', 'The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody and the Scarlet St Theatre' and award winning 'Foxy’s House of Horrors'. Our latest work for families 'Picasso and His Dog' premiered during 2016 at HotHouse Theatre and Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre. Based in Melbourne, our works have been seen throughout Australia and across the world.

Recent Key Achievements include;

- June/July 2016, Premiere season ‘Picasso and His Dog’ at HotHouse Theatre & Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre

- March 2016, Two Green Room Awards ‘Captives of the City’

- February 2015 ‘Captives of the City’ commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne, collaboration with Chamber Made Opera

- September 2015, Rosie Podge; The Alien Who Saved the Day’ commissioned by Theatreworks ,

- September 2014, Puppetry design and build for ‘April Underhill, Tooth Fairy’ winner of ‘Best Work for Children’ Melbourne Fringe Festival award

- Inclusion in MTC Women’s Director’s Program

- September 2013, ‘The Rise and Fall of the Scarlet Street Theatre Episode 2’ commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne

- 2012, ‘The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody and the Scarlet Street Theatre, Episode 1, The Village Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival

- 2011, ‘Apples and Ladders’ International tour, Rome

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